Thursday, March 18, 2010

Barcelona; Esperaza in the Languedoc Rousillon, South of France; Madrid

From our condo on Selby Street in downtown Nanaimo on Sept 23 we walk to the harbour 15 minutes away and a float plane that lands in Vancouver harbour near the Sea Bus terminal and from there onto the new subway -- the Canada Line -- under False Creek and underground up Cambie, up and over the Fraser River to the airport. Next stop London Heathrow and then on to Barcelona. Also in 2009 Cuba was the destination of choice to get turning 60 done. Journals of our adventures appear under the page titles above.

email to Meghan Mon Sept 28 '09

Meghan Murphy! Buenas dias. google the Barcelona Merce festival, It was on this weekend - music in every square, fireworks, giants.... paper said this morning they figure there were 1.6 million people on the Ramblas and the surrounding blocks. I can personally confirm 1.2 million. Mui bueno! gotta catch the metro and cross the Gaudi Park Guell off the list... Picasso said that Gaudi and his Sagrada Familia should be sent to hell together...


email from Meghan Fri Nov 6 '09

Hi Pops!
Wow! Does that lady still live in the Jackson?? What a small world-I love it. I would love to meet Jessie one day, she seems like a gem. All is great here-it's the weekend!! (that's when the work week ends and....nevermind) It was a long week...but it's done!
Love ya Daddo and talk to you soon,

From: frankmurphy@shaw.ca
Subject: Fwd: Hi from Nanaimo
Date: Fri, 6 Nov 2009 22:03:11 -0800

Hello darlin' daughter - I thought you might be interested in this exchange with Jessie - now in the UK I think - heading back home Dec 1st but that's a secret. Seems many coincidences trace back to John Thompson...  I don't know how long her family has lived in Strathcona but I think for a long time. All is well with you I trust?


Date: November 6, 2009 3:44:48 PM PST
To: Frank Murphy <frankmurphy@shaw.ca>
Subject: Re: Hi from Nanaimo

WOW!!! thats incredible! ill be sure to forward this to my dad.  i remember kiku, she still lives there. her son is a big older than me and her daughter hollis is now storming the hipster night club scene in vancouver. wild... thanks so much! very cool photo.

xoxox jess

p.s glad the money and card eventually got there... you never know with spain if you'll get a surprise rip down the side of your envelope....

On Fri, Nov 6, 2009 at 3:33 PM, Frank Murphy <frankmurphy@shaw.ca> wrote:

Hi Jessie wherever this finds you. The 50 euro note boomeranged it's way back home... thanks. The return address on the envelope caught my eye- 800 block East Georgia Street. We lived at the Jackson apartment building on the corner of East Georgia and Jackson Avenue. Top floor northwest corner, big bay window great view of the mountains and the city. Our daughter Meghan (now 28) was born when we lived there. We had a graphics studio (getting stuff ready to run on printing presses - ads, posters etc) in a storefront on the ground floor on East Georgia (505 as you can see in the picture attached from so many years ago). We loved the neighbourhood - the Chinese grannies would make a fuss over the new curly haired baby, we had a container garden on the roof where the eccentric owner also kept bees.


The photo was taken by Kiku Hawkes (or that's what she called herself - I think it was from the Kiku hair salon and Hawkes Ave. Terrific photographer - your dad may remember her. We already miss Barcelona - cava! pintxos! merce!

Frank & Myra
Kiku Hawkes photo, 4x6 contact print hand painted, 1980    

> Date: Sat, 31 Oct 2009 00:29:18 -0700

Subject: Re: Hi from Nanaimo

Hi Myra!
Great to hear from you! I love these photos.
So glad to hear the rest of your trip was great. Don't get me started
on the drivers in this part of the world... If only my father knew how
many close calls I've been in (he'd never let me get into another car again).
Has this trip got you and Frank hungry for more Europe??

Love, Jess
p.s I have a little job until I leave next week! (NEXT WEEK!!!???) Its
just tourist info and selling tours and things to people in a nearby hostel. It's kind of fun and puts my knowledge of Spanish and of Barcelona to the test, which is nice since I'm close to leaving. The pay sucks, but the hours are small and rather dull, so I can spend those hours working on my journal most days and then have the rest of the day free for whatever I want. So that being said, I didn't use your 50 euros! But huge huge thanks anyway. I have sent it back home to you two just about over a week ago. So I am assuming it will arrive in the the next week. Please let me know when it comes!!
> > Hi Jessie,

We are home safe and sound now. France was fabulous too and so very different - in a small untouristy town. The driving was a bit wild, but Coullioure was really really nice. I swam in the Mediterranean there - fantastic and memorable. We had a great trip. It's hard to describe Barcelona to people who haven't been there - so much wow factor everywhere. And we so enjoyed meeting you. Thanks so much again for your kind attention to two completely previously unknown to you Canadian tourists.

Hope all is well with you.


Myra (and Frank)

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